NU-Schroth Exercise for Scoliosis Program
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NU-Schroth is an individually assessed exercise for scoliosis program designed for doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and individuals.

Hundreds of people worldwide have benefitted from our expert non-surgical scoliosis treatments.

Our carefully formulated exercise for scoliosis can be used in
conjunction with other treatments, such as the SpineCor Brace.

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Easy-to-Follow Instructions
Uses the Acclaimed Schroth Method
Customized Exercise for Scoliosis Program for each Patient
Displays Movements to avoid doing
Do Exercises at your convenience—at home or work
Portion of proceeds benefit the Scoliosis Care Foundation
furthering scoliosis research
1 on 1 session are available in your area
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Scoliosis can still be progressive in adulthood even when growth is not an aggravating factor.
This tells us that movement, poor posture and muscle imbalances can adversely affect your
Scoliosis, but when the appropriate combination of treatment and exercise for scoliosis is
applied, movement and posture can be corrected to help stabilize the spine without
surgery or hard braces.